Trying to find out an Event ID

I'm using GFI languard SELM 5.0 to audit event ID's to find for our firm's security.

We want to be able to track deleted folders, etc...
But what i can't find is the event ID for creating a file folder. Does anyone know what it would be? better yet does anyone know where I could find a database that house every single event ID and their descriptions? It would be such a great help!
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Not excactly what you asked, perhaps, but you may find this link useful:
asian_niceguyCommented: would be the source for all things event id related. you can search by id number or event source.

However to get into the more detailed areas of the site you need to subscribe.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
bookmarked the two sites, really not bad. many thanks guys. :)
mykkalAuthor Commented:
I already had I was actually hoping to find a list of ID's somewhere but these two will do.

Thanks guys
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