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We have a few NetWare 6.5 servers and are removing one of the servers that runs GroupWise 6.5. Is there anything other than removing the directory with DSREPAIR and deleting the GroupWise objects in ConsoleOne that should be done to have this server and GroupWise domain/post office removed cleanly from the tree?
Also, this GroupWise domain was showing as 'Primary' when checking the links to our other GroupWise domain. Will the remaining domain be changed to primary automatically or should something be done manually? - I'm not really sure what this means. (All accounts on the domain being removed have been moved to the other active domain.)

Thanks for your help.


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Yep, this is the better location.

No, the Secondary Domain will not self-promote to the Primary Domain. You need to use ConsoleOne to do that.

With the original Netware server and GroupWise Agents still running, open up a GroupWise-enabled ConsoleOne, go to the GroupWise View, and browse to the Secondary Domain you want to promote, and Connect to it (right-click on it and select "Connect"). I don't have a GroupWise-enabled ConsoleOne in front of me right now, so I'm doing this from memory - take that into account.

Highlight the Secndary Domain in the left-hand pane, and then go up to Tools and select GroupWise System Operations. Might be an intervening pulldown menu, I can't remember. Anyway, there should be an operation selection that's named something like "Designate this Domain as Primary" or similar language. That's the operation you need to perform to promote the Secondary Domain. Let the change propogate (its very quick - a very minor change to the WPDOMAIN.DB file for every Domain in the system), so within a few minutes, assuming all the inter-Domain communication is working properly, it'll be propogated.

Then, re-Connect to the new Primary Domain (makes sure ConsoleOne catches the change), and you're now ready to delete the now-Secondary Domain in the GroupWise View (do it there instead of the eDirectory Object View). You can now unload the Agents and follow normal procedures to remove that server from the eDirectory Tree.
CityofSolonOhioAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
I do see that option in the menu, but it is greyed-out - the only options available under System Maintenance are the first 5 - Validate, Recover, Rebuild, Reclaim, and Rebuild Indexes. The bottom 5 options are all greyed-out (Sync Primary, Convert Secondary to Primary, Release, Merge, and Replace) Am I missing a step somewhere?
I did check for pending operations and there are none.

CityofSolonOhioAuthor Commented:
I also tried connecting to the existing Primary domain and the same options are greyed-out in that menu.
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CityofSolonOhioAuthor Commented:
Please disregard - I found this same situation about the menus greyed-out in a comment in the Novell Doc. (You have to connect to the existing Primary domain first and then select the option on the Secondary)

Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

Could you give me a brief rundown of the normal procedures for removing a server from the tree that you mentioned above? I think I'm all set on the GroupWise side now.
Hope I don't forget anything, but pretty much this:

1) Make sure it is not the time source.  Timesync type s/b "secondary."  Another NetWare server should be "single" in a small network or "primary" or "reference" in a large network, so if it's currently "single" or "primary" make sure another one gets made "single" or "primary" at the same time as making this one "secondary."  Make sure timesync is working properly after making that change before continuing.

2)  If it holds any Master or Read/Write replicas, make sure another server is promoted to Master for those replicas and/or another server in the local segment is made Read/Write, so you don't lose any local replicas and definitely don't lose a Master replica.  Make sure eDirectory/NDS is healthy before making that change.

3)  After timesync and the replica ring is straight, and all is working well with no NDS/eDirectory errors, move any data you want moved to another NetWare server, using the Server Consolidation tool, which will migrate the trustee rights assignments as well as the data.

4)  Make sure any other necessary services are being done by another server and not by this one. (SLPDA, DNS, DHCP, etc.)

5)  Remove DS from the server.

6)  Delete server/volume/security objects related to this server.  Wait for changes to propagate through the replica ring.

7)  DSREPAIR or iManager repair until all is healthy.
CityofSolonOhioAuthor Commented:
Thanks! That looks great. I really appreciate everyone's help.

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