OWA 404 Page not found Error


I have just installed SharePoint services (the free version) onto my Exchange server and since that instillation my OWA has stopped working. When accessing http://mail.me.com/exchange i get a 404 error.

I have got multiple websites hosted with IIS on the exchange box and they are all working. So im thinking that the instillation of SPS has gone and changed the way Exchange had setup IIS for OWA.

I have tried repairing exchange buy running the setup in repair mode and reinstalled the Service Pack and that has had no effect.

The verisons are IIS 6 W3K SP1 Exchange Std.

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Sharepoint breaks OWA.

They will co-exist, but you have to make changes to the sharepoint config.


sberry25Author Commented:
Spot on,

Thanks very much m8

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