Problem configuring VOIP phone in WEP enabled wireless network

The situation is that I have a VOIP phone by Packet8 (  The phone works fine when hooked directly to my Linksys router by ethernet cable.  The problem is that I am trying to figure out how to use the phone in an environement when I can't connect the phone by hardwire to a router.  I have been successful hooking the phone to my laptop via a crossover cable and that scenario works as well.  The problem with that one is that the phone will only work when the laptop is connected.  I am trying to come up with a configuration that will work without the necessity of a laptop or a hardwire connection.  I purchased and tested a DLink wireless pocket router/AP/Client and this will receive the wireless signal and give an ethernet connection in a non-WEP network.  The problem with this scenario in a WEP network is that the phone does not have WEP configuration capabilities so when it tries to independently connect to the wireless network, it fails due to the encryption.  

So, my question for the networking guru is how can I conquer this situaiton.  I need to be able to configure a VOIP phone into the network without an ethernet cable or a laptop with crossover cable.  I have no problem purchasing a device if that will do the trick.  Please help.

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You could use the wireless router/ap but disable WEP encryption. Most wireless ap's allow you to restrict which devices can connect my their MAC address so you will still have reasonable security in so far as stopping others from accessing your network.
Why don't you just use a wifi phone? or you can use a wireless bridge... You should explain exactly why you are in his situation... if it is for traveling in hotels than you need to use your laptop.  Public wifi sites can req' cookie based authentication also.
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