Blackberry browser looses cookies Model 8700c

Blackberry browser looses its cookies after about 8 hours. Is this a feature? If you login to yahoo with user id, bookmark a page like stocks quotes. You can view it again for several hours without a prompt for user id and password. The next day if you try to access the bookmark you are required to enter user id and password.

How do you keep your cookies fresh?
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Q:  How do I turn on and store cookies on my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld?
A:  The handheld does not support cookies. You cannot enable cookies, store cookies, or enable JavaScript capabilities on the handheld
> The handheld does not support cookies...

Oh yes it does (or seems to). Later firmware anyway. My v4.1.0.286 8700g has a Browser option for Cache Operations. In there I can clear the Cookie Cache. It says my BB has 55 cookies in there currently. I also have options to 'Support JavaScript', 'Allow javaScript popups', etc. No idea if/how these work in practice.

I've not found a way to switch *off* cookie caching. Are you sure a cookie is likely to be being saved in the first place? I don't think you can check via the BB. Maybe it's Yahoo caching your login (for several hours) and then timing you out. Do you explicitly log out between sessions? Is there a specific option at Yahoo to 'remember my settings/login'. Maybe you're not checking this or it doesn't work for the BB browser + Yahoo site.
dd_bennett, you've accepted Mikal613's answer. Can I assume youe 8700 does NOT have the options I descibed?
dd_bennettAuthor Commented:
WibblyW, I accepted the answer at about 1:37PM PDT, just minutes before I got your comment. A co-worker had said he had it figured out, but really did not. My co-worker was giving very much the same answer as Mikal613.

I actually resolved this by going to This allows you to link your phone number to your Yahoo account. I have not had to login to view yahoo portfolio for two days now. So far so good.  

Thank you for your help

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