USB Security Dongle for ASP.NET Suggestions


    I have an open question in this forum about converting winfom code to ASP.NET, I decided that I would also open a question at the root of my requirement.  In short for a financial software application we have written we have used RSA Tokens for security, in the last round of meetings they want to dump the token and go to a USB Key for security.  I grabbed a MAI evaluation kit and it works perfectly for WinForm applications. There tech support guy has indicated that they have clients who run these dongles for web applications  but they don't have source code samples or know how they did it.

     Now on to my question, can anyone point me towards a USB key / Dongle that works with webforms developed in ASP.NET.  The requirement is simple -

with dongle login and password grant access /
without dongle login and password don't work.

     Any help or thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

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The only way I could imagine that this would work is to install a small .net application on the clients machine which will interface with the website.

The actual website cannot read your USB ports or any settings on the machine that is viewing it.

For security we use handheld devices that create 1 time passwords when the device and smart card are connected. We send a key and the device will give back a password. We then have a server on our side that verifies the password.

I would be interested to see if a USB dongle could work with a web page without installing anything else on the clients machine, but I don't think it can.

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