SonicWall TZ 170 Lockup

Ok this one is a mystery. ISP installed a simple DSL line with a Netopia 3341 router. They have a WAN IP on the WAN interface and a WAN IP on the LAN interface and passing all traffic to our new SonicWall TZ 170 Firewall 10 Node.

After installing the firewall the customer has to reboot it every morning for everything to work. You cannot ping the outside internal address of the LAN interface of the firewall when it "locks". After rebooting everything is fine. For the most part it seems to do it between 2am and 8 am everyday but sometimes it gets really angry and does it multiple times during the day but rarely maybe once a week.

Ok, now the ISP is blaming the firewall and I almost would agree and I have not replaced it yet BUT the customer says that when they first got the DSL installed by the original ISP they had to reboot the DSL modem every morning as well and then it eventually stopped. They just SWITCHED providers the day we installed the firewall so what gives?

New DSL Netopia modem, new provider, new SonicWall firewall...daily "locks". Oh, and there is LOTS of TCP connection dropped activity coming from an outside IP address that the ISP claims is THEIR provider on ports 445, 135 and 136 just about every minute.

Need ideas here people...

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CUBLA1Author Commented:
Oops...that should have been you cannot ping the internal address of the LAN. "outside" should not have been in there.
On a weekend, connect a PC directly to the Netopia router and see what happens next morning. This will confirm if it is the router or the  firewall.

If it is Netopia You can then argue with ISP that you have replace CPE and it still requires reboot.
CUBLA1Author Commented:
And what if it doesn't require a reboot? Possible hardware problem with the firewall or something else?
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I would start with the firewall, for Netopia router, anything behind the LAN port is irelevant. It can not distinguish if it is connected to a PC or Sonic Firewall.

There is not much you can do about the dropped connection on those ports, too many scanners on the internet these days. Check if all of them are originating from same IP address and you may be able to file a abuse complaint.  
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
umm... have you ever tried to simply RESET the 170 and then re-configure it?
CUBLA1Author Commented:
ummm...yeah twice
I see similar behavior on one of our TZ170s (connected to a Cisco 1700 series router - can't remember model number) connecting to a T1.

It doesn't need to be reset every day (more like every few weeks).   Bios updates & setting changes haven't fixed the issue (we have other TZ170s that work fine).

I know this isn't a solution, but it may help you narrow down the issue...
assuming you turn on remote web admin (so you can administer the sonicwall from the WAN side as well as the LAN side), can you access the sonicwall remotely even though it's "crashed".   In our case, this is exactly what happens.   Which makes me think it is NOT the router (cisco in our case, Netopia in your case).

It's like the connection between the LAN side of the TZ170 & the WAN side of the TZ170 "breaks".

Again, no solution, but it may help you narrow things down.

Other things we considered/tested/etc: new UPS, new DC power supply, new internal switch, new ethernet cable...   so far, no luck....   Though it doesn't mean these ideas might solve your issue.
CUBLA1Author Commented:
Ok everyone. I appreciate the suggestions. After replacing the Sonicwall the problem continuing to occur I began watching the rather old and cheap Netgear hub and realize it was indeed freaking out. Replaced it with a Linksys and all is well.

Sometimes it's the easy answers that beat you down...


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