Terminal Server Printer Compatability

Is a Dell Printer AIO A960 compatable with Windows 2000 Server Terminal Service for local printing when logged in remotely?
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Technically yes, but it is always fun,  Best to stick with easy to use printes that have built in drivers in 2000 server.

if you CAN do the following then it will be easy-
either connect the printer physically to the server, install driver, delete printer, keep driver
connect the printer to the workstation, enable sharing, connect the workstation to the server[this could be via a VPN], from the server add the printer shared by the worktation.
after this is done, delete the printer but keep the driver.

You should end up with the terminal server session having the ability to print locally when this person logs on.
rickparyAuthor Commented:
Hmm, the printer lives 1000 miles away so I cant connect it. The driver I downloaded wont install unless it detects it plugged in to the server so I dont think the VPN deal will work?
1000miles, understood.

the VPN will work, even just get a microsoft VPN built for this purpose and turn it off later.

when you sit a the TS and ask it to connect the workstation's printer, it has to download from the server (which is actually the workstation) the driver, after it has done so you will see the driver in printer server settings, and you are on your way.
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if you are really good you can find the driver inside the download and just extract that, but from my experience it is easier to trick the workstation into sending it to you.  This has the added benefit of the driver will have the same name, which is CRITICAL for TS printing to function
rickparyAuthor Commented:
ok great, suggestion for a VPN client type connection?
Where do I get the Microsoft PN built for this purpose?
setup on the server:

note that if your setup includes a 2003 server, let me know. the process is much easier

how to connect XP client to this vpn:
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