How can I print differents data parameters with one click refresh page and print next

I have 6 tables, i need that my users print that but with different parameters, 1 print = 1 data parameter then refresh page and print the next data parameter, we have 100 diferent parameters.

I know that I need a routine in two parts:

1.- Print the actual page

2.- Refresh (read database in other table) and print next

hopefully, could you provide me a routine like example, thanks.

Enrique F.

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Hi there,
The thing can be done through SAP script or Smartform where you will need to create the static form having some place holders and calling it continuously for 100 times from a program. This program will pass the necessary data to print 1 data parameter.
If you provide more information in this then more specific routine can be coded....wish to address any more quries of yours.

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