Search engine won't see my page

I have a website.  I have added a title and appropriate <meta> tags to the source code.  However, google, msn and lycos do not see my site when I search for the url.  Yahoo and altavista do!  I need help figuring this out. Please Help!
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Can you tell us your website URL and other experts can have a look and comment on it?

Ya, and how long your site has been up? Good suggestion is to submit new site to Free web directory. it's a good way and free way to get your site list in Google and other search engines.

It could be in the sandbox.
russ7skiAuthor Commented:
sure, the url is :

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russ7skiAuthor Commented:
After more research, I can add some more information to the question.  We are running apache server with 2 virtual hosts.  The default host url is found by google and all the other search engines.  The url in question is not found by google...  
Hi Russ7ski,

The very first thing I noticed from your website is that you have little to no content at all.  In fact, I only saw 1 web page and your pictures.  

I would highly encourage you to add "more" web pages, more content.  Search engines might skip right over you because there really isn't anything to spider and index for them.  A single web page will simply not work.

Also, your website is relatively new yet being created just back in April 2006.  It could be the search engine spiders have yet to notice you.

Along with adding more web pages of content, you might want to also add more keywords to your Title tag for each web page including your ALT text description picture tags.  Add some text to your picture pages too.  There's really many things you can do here, and need to do to make this site work.

I would highly recommend that you take the time to read the SEO-GUY's Tutorial located here: <>

Good Luck!


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Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
Register your site in DMOZ.

If you are willing to spend a few dollars, you can buy a cheap $50 Google Adwords campaign.
I know it is not supposed to matter, but my limited experience shows that is does.

Do not bother with all of the others, you will find out that today 95% of all SE referring traffic comes from Google, 2.5% from Yahoo and MSN each, and the rest is negligible. Anyway, all of them rely on DMOZ.

"Do not bother with all of the others, you will find out that today 95% of all SE referring traffic comes from Google, 2.5% from Yahoo and MSN each, and the rest is negligible. Anyway, all of them rely on DMOZ."

None of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) 'rely' on Dmoz at all.  In fact, Google treats Dmoz the same as it treats any other website.  It does not give any extra weight to a link that's in Dmoz.  

However, in saying this, every link helps your website and getting into Dmoz can help your site.  In addition, there are many Dmoz (ODP) clone sites out there too, but not all have a high PR value.  

Dmoz also sorts not by pagerank like Google does, but rather by alphabetical order.  While the Dmoz editors can select favorites and 'cool' sites, not all links in Dmoz are picked up by the Googlebot spiders.  

It seems those websites listed in Dmoz that have updated content and are popular fair better and are often picked up by the Googlebots and indexed later in Google.  However, each has its own rules.  So while you might find a site listed in Dmoz you might not find the same site if its banned in Google.

To learn more about Dmoz by visiting their public forums ran by ODP editors at: <>


Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
See the following list of web sites and search engines that regularly consume the dmoz odp data feed.
At least google is formally listed.

To really know if you are listed on google, msn or yahoo, you have to monitor your web site's logs.

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