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I cant figure what is wrong with my code here.  What is supposed to happen is after a user updates the listbox by either highlighting it or un-highlighting it, a textbox will then be updated with a "total" from column 1.  what is actually happening is... if there are 3 items selected and there column 2 value is 2, 6, 20 the final result will be "6".  what is happening is that it is only getting the first value and adding itself once for every item selected.  so another example would be 10, 8, 25 my final value would be 30.  when it should be 43.  

Private Sub lstDieCount_AfterUpdate()
Dim varItm As Variant
Dim varDieNumber As Variant
Dim varDieNumberAdd As Variant

varDieNumber = 0
varDieNumberAdd = 0

'here i would like to add the numbers from column 1 for every item selected.
For Each varItm In Me.lstDieCount.ItemsSelected
      varDieNumberAdd = Me.lstDieCount.Column(1) ' Column 1 contains a number value.  could be any number.
      varDieNumber = varDieNumber + varDieNumberAdd ' this code is supposed to add the number value

Me.tbDieCount = varDieNumber 'this end result should report a total number.

End Sub
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When you use .Column(), the first property is -- obviously -- the column number. However, it returns the value from the "selected" item, which happens to coincide with the first selection (the dotted line box). If you want to return the column 1 of another row, you need the second parameter:

    .Column( _column_ [, _row ] )

In other words:

    .... = Me.lstDieCount.Column(1, varItm)

lightcrossAuthor Commented:
Dang it!... I was trying it the other way around so I thought i was doing something wrong!  I was doing this:

  .... = Me.lstDieCount.Column(varItm, 1)

FYI, I drove myself nuts on this one for at least a couple hours!

I distinctly remember writing one more comment. Something to the effect of "this is considered illogical" ( col,row instead of row,col ) ... I must have writting it and never clicked [Submit]!

Anyway, glad to help and good luck with your project!
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