mobo for cf48?

i have a panasonic motherboard, cf48. i am looking to replace it due to a faulty psu.

1) are there DIY instructions out there

2) what is a decent mobo i can buy for this laptop? definitely budget weary.
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There are no generic laptop motherboards.  Every different laptop model, in general, takes a different motherboard and only that motherboard.  No substitutes are generally possible (there may be a very instances in which two different laptops do use the same motherboard, but any such instances are rare and you will only discover this by chance if at all).

Best way to get a motherboard would be to find a laptop of the same model on E-Bay that has a broken LCD screen.

You will have to find a service manual; some laptop makers have web sites where these are available (most don't), and manuals for many models can be bought on E-bay, usually in PDF format on a CD that has many (sometimes hundreds) manuals.  If you don't have a manual, your chances of changing the motherboard successfully are not good.

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Yes, EXACTLY as I told you in the previous question... (-;

I told you about buying a parts unit vs just a motherboard because, well, I've been doing laptops JUST a little while,  and I know that a bare motherboard will cost more (if not MUCH more) than a parts system with a good motherboard.

You are probably talking $200 to $400 for a bare motherboard and that's if you can even find one.
(~ You MIGHT get lucky, it happens once in a while...)
A complicating factor is that Panasonic isn't as popular as some other makes so parts are harder to find (than some other makes.)

I only found one ad for your motherboard (bare - used) and unfortunatly it is expired (no longer available).
The asking price was $249.95 with shipping.

May I suggest (again) a parts unit with a good board.
- Just make sure the ad FLAT OUT says that it powers on and/or boots up. (At least.)
- If it doesn't say that outright then move on..

Like this one....
(This one has many re-sellable parts to recover / reduce your actual costs.)
. ~ Look around, I just took a quick look..
finnstoneAuthor Commented:
what do you think of this one? strange that nobody has bid on it but they are bidding on the one you posted...

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I'm glad you asked first because that shows a problem...
Perhaps "CF-48" is a 'series' and not a 'model' number.

The one with no bids is a pentium 3 with a small screen. (600 MHz CPU)
The other is a Pentium M (centrino). (1.4 GHz CPU)

Those processors are not interchangable....
That means they changed the motherboard in this model (series?) without changing the base model number.

The ads are showing part numbers like "CF-48E4KFUKM"

I need to know more about your laptop.
What is the exact model or part number.
What processor do you have?
finnstoneAuthor Commented:
mine is cf-48x4knudm

does that mine i have to find that exact match and cannot use the mobo of another type?
I doubt it.. You should be good with one that uses the same class of processor.
But I'm not familiar enough with what Panasonic numbers mean to tell you for sure.
Info on these is rather hard to find too...

Yours is a Pentium-M (Also called Centrino if it has an Intel Chipset and Intel WIFI.)

Are you sure this isn't still under warranty?
I think that would be the best way to go with this one.
I haven't found any more usefull information but I did find the support site.
There's a FAQ for your model but it wants a login to download it.
I didn't try because I figure it will want a serial number to register..
You might wanna try it..
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