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Hi Expert,

I'm not sure whether this is the right channel for me to post this question or not. I got 1 server (win 2k server with latest patches) running on the network.
This server is some sort like document server (all files and folders are stored in here).Hard disk size is 8x73GB.

Currently, I'm having a problem with some of the files gone missing or transfer to the other folders. It looks like some one has deleted all the files and folder., but when I search the folder, I 'll find it stored in other places.Some time I couldn't find it at all. Just gone missing.
It happen few times already. Is there anything wrong with the server (virus etc).

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Your question is very vague and not answerable just like that. But, it is very unlikely that this is a virus, a virus wouldn't move data or folders to another location. It would either remove the file or folder completely, or then the antivirus software, if it finds a virus in a file will move this file into a "Quarantine" folder if it can't remove the virus from it. It is much more likely that someone just moved or deleted the files. Get your administrator to impose security policies and make groups who are allowed to do things and others that aren't to make the chance of deleting data smaller.
bzzi_anAuthor Commented:
Is there any possiblity that the hard disk sector corrupted?
Probably not. Your raid controller on the server would send out alarms and cause one of the disks to go down so you can replace it.
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bzzi_anAuthor Commented:
But the symptoms of data corruption are like:
-files and folder are relocated or missing
-open file error(invalid file format)
How do I fix it?
there is no alarm so far, the server seems to be ok from prob with the light indictors.
folders relocated doesn't have anything to do with a bad disk. A raid system like you most likely have (with 8 disks) would shut a bad disk off. missing data can also be caused by many other things. Invalid file format can also be caused by other things. The file system might be corrupt, but then bad files would be moved to folders like dir....chk. These would be caused by chkdsk running when the server boots up and can do with a corrupt filesystem, but that doesn't mean a bad HD.
bzzi_anAuthor Commented:
So, what cause the files and folder relocated and missing?We have granted access to few groups only. Not everyone can access that folder.I don't think someone remove or delete the folder because this time it involves 39 folders and 30 files missing.
Actually, this is the second time this problem happen to our server. In fact the first one worse compared to now. That time lot of files cannot be open (or invalid file format). the vendor of the server then realize that the hard disk actually crash!!!.They replace it with the new hard disk until today.FYI, we are using Raid 5.
I'm almost 100% certain this is due to someone moving or deleting the files. It happens all the time. It doesn't have to be done with bad intent. Raid 5 isn't the same as one HD. A raid controller will realize there is a bad disk and remove it from the array. This causes the array to be shown as "degraded" by the controller's software utility. You would then have to replace that bad drive. This all happens before it having any impact on the data, as raid 5 is fault tolerant. If two disks would be broken at the same time the array would stop functioning completely and then all the partitions that belong to that array would be gone from the server.

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