Rsync over ssh

I have been rsync-ing over ssh an accounting data with the size about 11 mb and worked perfectly until recently i replaced my router with linksys befsr41. Everytime i tried to rsync the file over ssh it would start transferring but eventually will experience timeout error code 12. However when i try to rysnc smaller size file for example some text file with size of a view kilo byte, it worked perfectly no problem. I tried to rsync some file with 4 mb of size, it failed. I am pretty sure that this problem should lies with the router not with the ssh or rsync on my fedora core 3. Anyone has any idea on how to work around this? I used to use netgear modem router when it worked.


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Some of the more basic routers have built-in Denial of Service security, which will shut down traffic from a source temporarily if it sends too many packets.  I had this problem on a Netgear router, and you should check the settings for your router's security and also the security logs.
Unfortunately, the BEFSR41 does not have a configuration option for
"Stop being a steaming pile of sh*t", which is what that router is.
I know, I have one.

What software version does it have?   I hear some versions have had problems while others do not.  If it's not the latest, you could try updating.
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luxindoenterpriseAuthor Commented:
I dont think befsr41 comes with DoS configuration, however it does have QoS (quality of service) configuration where you could set priority on some application and its specific port, in this case 22 for ssh. I think I might want to try that now.

I could agree with you that this is one of the linksys router that has been constantly outperformed by any routers namely its own befsx41, however since my using this router only for as long as 4 days now, I couldnt say that it's good or bad, but it does run faster when compared with my old netgear on VNC

would you mean the firmware of the router? I have upgraded firmware to its latest

I will try setting QoS on my linksys to prioritize SSH and see how it goes
Are you rsync'ing between local machines, or between a local machine and a machine somewhere
out on the internet?    That matters a lot... if a local rsync is breaking, then there may be something
wrong with the broadband router's switch.

As for it being better... heck

If not working reasonably, it doesn't matter how fast the thing is, IMO...  dropping connection when
you attempt to transfer 11mb is either a bad misconfiguration or a serious defect or technical
limitation in the router,  even if it was supposed to be a feature.

I would suggest stress testing it in some manner,  try downloading/uploading some Linux
ISO over ftp or something,  view some streaming video, etc, to rule out a widespread
problem with the new router.

If the old one still works, toss it in for a bit and run similar checking, compare results, etc, etc.

If the old one exhibits the same timeout problem, then look elsewhere. :)

If rsync'ing  a simple 11mb data file is causing problems, what other applications that you might
like to use could be adversely effected due to a router or ISP problem?

Try and see if the same happens with a straight scp.

Make sure some other limit isn't being exceeded on the device when you timeout -- like maximum
open connections;  a sudden burst of activity from another computer you have connected to the
router could in theory temporarily disrupt the session or the router could be restarting on you
(anything that drops the port mapping could account for the timeout)...

What do you mean by run faster?  Faster startup...?  Are you able to measure the difference, or does your
connection just subjectively seem to be faster?

Hard to be sure it's the router and not one ISP or the other, too.

By all means try reconfiguring, resetting, upgrading the new router, etc.

If the router isn't up to the task of handling file downloads/uploads,  better to figure that out earlier than
later,  so you can maybe send it back or exchange it for a unit that might actually work?


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Timeouts like this might also be due to idiotic defaults for firewalls... Most common for UDP "sessions" (yes, there is no such thing, yes, firewalls tend to ... simulate... that anyway). I'm not too familiar with the gear in question, but if you can, do try to up any timouts in the linksys.

-- Glenn
luxindoenterpriseAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your replies and inputs, however, i think it has something to do with QoS in linksys router. I put ssh as high priority, and voila, it works great! MySidia thanks for your inputs it was great, and to answer your question on how would i know that linksys is faster, I am using realVNC to access one of the remote windows computer, and the performance is somehow a lot faster. Thats how I came to make out that linksys has increased the performance of the speed. Also when ssh-ing to my linux server, login goes faster when compared using netgear router.

Thanks so much for your inputs
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