pptp thorugh two Cisco pix inline

I want to set up two Cisco Pix 501 in line.  One Pix has  INT0 on the internet. INT1 is in the DMZ.  The next pix has INT0 in the DMZ and Int1 on the inside Network.  I have access from Private to DMZ and Private to Public.  I have access from the public to www/smtp in the DMZ.  What I would like to figure out is to get pptp access. I want to use the inside pix with radius back to a W2K3 server.  This is not production.  This is lab.  Never the less it has been bugging me for some time.  Watching syslog i can see that I am not getting packets to the DMZ int on the inside pix.  I am assuming that it is a translation issue.  Also I keep getting a no route from Destination to Source error from the outside pix.
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Since this is a lab and not production, may I assume you have some time to explore potential ideas without annoyong anyone by inadvertently breaking things?

If so, I'd put the pptp server in the DMZ, get that working, and then put it on the inside network, and get it working there.

What I'm getting at is that if you can get it to work through one PIX, then you should be able to get it to work through two PIXs.  Putting the pptp server in the DMZ is an easy way to isolate your configuration issues to one PIX, initially.


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thinnetAuthor Commented:
I was trying to use the inside pix as the pptp server and radius to the W2K3 server for authentication
>I was trying to use the inside pix as the pptp server and radius to the W2K3 server for authentication

That's fine, but you can certainly test that it's working behind a single pix before you put it behind two, yes?  Problems like this are much easier to solve when you eliminate as many variables as possible.

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