apache will not start "services-specific error code 1"


I have installed apache on a windows XP Machine for Bugzilla.  I had it all working no problem...

I then came back and there is some problem now, I can not start apache.  Actually the service was stopped and I could not restart it.  I tried to restart it but I get the error in the windows log of: apache will not start "services-specific error code 1"

not sure the problem, not on google or anywhere it seems like.  THis is apache 2.18, the latest for Windows

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Error code 1 really just means that the service exited with an error and no details about the error were passed to the Service Control Manager.

Try starting Apache from the command line instead, so that errors will be written to the command window.

-- start a  Command Prompt window
-- change directory to where apache.exe is installed
-- issue command: apache

The command prompt should show some output with information on what the error is.

If that still doesn't tell you what the problem is, edit httpd.conf and set:
LogLevel debug

Then after trying to start it and letting it fail, look for details in logs/error.log

sporenzaAuthor Commented:
AWESOME, problem in the conf file!

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