EPOX EP-8NPA SLI AC 97 Sound does not work

I just built a new system with an EPOX 8NPA SLI MoBo with a Sempron 64/ 2800+

The system also has:

Samsung 250 GB SATA Drive
Nvidia GForce 6200 by Chaintech

Other than the sound not working, the computer works fine with Windows XP Pro SP 2.

When I go into the sound control panel, all looks good.  I can change the volume slider, click the arrow on a system sound. So as far as the computer is concerned, the sound is on.  I have tried different speakers and headphones as well. I can also go into the AC 97 audio control panel and it sees the speakers or headphones I try.  I have also installed the latest AC 97 driver from EPOX's website for my board as well as the latest chipset driver and updated to the newest BIOs. Operating system temperature, nominal.  So.. any troublshooting suggestions are welcome.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
how about the most obvious.. like plugging in to the correct jack?
go to ADVANCE PROPERTIES of the Volume control, select playback.. and look for anything that is muted.

raise the volume on CD/AUX/LINE-IN  anything that applies to your setup
Also check your soundcard's utility software. With many of today's cards you can change which output to use and you can also change between digital and analog output.
you can test the issue by installing another sound card - this will tell you if the sound works normally.
you can have a bad onbourd sound card (bad connector)

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danomaticAuthor Commented:
irwinpks: Yes, lime green to lime green jack, have tried all the jacks as well just to make sure. Raised the volume on CD/AUX/LINE-IN as well. Nothing is muted. Also checked to make sure AC 97 is enabled in the BIOs and it is.

rindi: I have been able to get some sound by changing the blue port to a speaker port instaed of line in but it's not very good.

Nobus: I had an old Creative Labs sound card and it works fine.

I am considering reinstalling Windows as a last ditch effort before I attempt to return the Mobo or troubleshoot it with EPOX.  It's less than a week old.

don't reinstall yet ! try booting from a knoppix cd, if your sound works with it, you know the hardware is fine, if not return the mobo :

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
reinstallation sounds good to me..

perhaps..don't install any other applications.. just get the OS going and attempt the soundcheck again.
danomaticAuthor Commented:
I just remembered that I had removed the jumpers for the front panel audio-in on the board thinking I was going to use FP audio on the front of the case.  But with the jumpers removed, the rear audio is disabled. I put the jumpers back on and it works now. I am just going to split points with you all because you made me look in the case enough times to to check connections and plugs, etc.. to realize what I had done.  
danomaticAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I messed up the points, I meant to split them.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
no problem..

You can do this by posting a 0pt question in the following link:


Then post in the title "Please reopen to split points", and in the body of the question put

In 24 hours a moderator will reopen the question, and then you can award accordingly.  I'm sure the rest of the experts will agree and be appreciative as they did provide good assists.

Thank you in advance.

Aloha from Hawaii,

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