Firewall hangs IPCONFIG / PING, but allows webpages...

In XP, webpages would not load in IE.  IPCONFIG and PING both would hang indefinitely.  

I dropped the norton firewall.  Now all was OK.  Webpages loaded, and IPCONFIG + PING worked.

The norton firewall had been customized (probably in error, user is newbie).  So I set it back to default firewall settings, and turned the firewall back on.

Now webpages loaded fine in IE.  But IPCONFIG and PING still hung.

I tried "allowing" the PING and IPCONFIG executables in the firewall program list, but this didn't seem to help.

So in interests of saving him money, we uninstalled NOrton Internet Security, and are now using the windows firewall and another antivirus he has.

For my education -- what would cause this behavior in a 3rd-party firewall?

(would I have to allow a certain IP, beyond the range that covers my local network / adapers? Does ping and/or ipconfig use an "ip"?  the local network was / 100, and was allowed by network wizzard)

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I couldn't imagine why ipconfig would "hang", unless it was doing some DNS operation, imho. This is strange.

ping will hang if DNS traffic was blocked (outgoing dst port 53, udp  and/or incoming udp, src port 53) or if the ICMP Echo requests (out) and replies (in) would be dropped.
But in both cases, it shouldn't hang indefinetly and timeout in a reasonable amount of time.

ipconfig should not generate network traffic at all.
ping uses the UDP and ICMP protocol, udp for resolving the hostname, i.e. if you ping to get google's ip address and ICMP to send echo request packets. Both udp and icmp are layered on top of IP.
go to firewall
open advance tab

permit icmp in bound and outbound
permit dns in bound and outbound

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request to close this he has not responded in sometime.
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
sorry, I'm waiting to return to the site where it happened.

If I dont' get the chance, I'll just assign points and make a note ofyour advice

dgrrrAuthor Commented:
OK, wasn't able to get back to site.

I'll up the points and close this.

I will remember your advice for future ref!

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