Applying Echo and Reverb effect

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We have a LPVOID type of buffer which stores data corresponding 1 second of a wave file( 16 bit, 2 channel  and 44.1Khz).
That is, at one time it stores 176400 bytes of audio data.
Kindly let me know the algorithm of applying Echo and Reverb effect on the one second buffer.

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chip3dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can find information an this page: (also code examples)
grg99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Echo  algorithm:

EchoSpacing := EchoSeconds * SampleRate;  EchoVolume := 0.3333;

for i := 0 to TheEnd - EchoSpacing do  data[ i + EchoSpacing ] += data[ i ] * EchoVolume;

Reverb is the same, only repeated at decreasing volume:

EchoSpacing := EchoSeconds * SampleRate;  EchoVolume := 0.3333;  ReverbTimes := 5;

for i := 0 to TheEnd - EchoSpacing do  
                  Rvol := EchoVolume; Where := i + EchoSpacing;
                  for j := 1 to ReverbTimes do
                         data[ Where ] += data[ i ] * RVol;
                         RVol /= EchoVolume;  Where += EchoSpacing;

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