Identify network cable in a loom

Building has been fully networked but a previous tenant when they moved out took their hub or switch with them by cutting all the Cat 5 just behind the hub or switch.

So, all the connections are there for the workstations to plug into but there is nothing at the other end.  I need to identify which cable goes to which connection so I can redo the cut ends and place a new switch in place.

There is too much cable to rewire and there are two floors to this building.

Is there some sort of device to track or identify a cable in a loom, I presume that the cable would have to be powered in some way at the workstation end.  If there is can you give me some links to the device(s) concerned.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented: has a tone generator, attach it to the end of the line, then you trace the "live" cable to the end of the trunk.
dbruntonAuthor Commented:
Well, no

It requires both ends to be connected.  I only have access to one end.  The other end is in a bunch and the bunch has been cut.  I need to identify which of the cut ends is the cable in the bunch without having to RJ45 the bunch.
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dbruntonAuthor Commented:
Ah, sorry.

Reread the PDF.  Properly this time.  Not a 30 second dash.

So, for the points, any tone generator device should be able to do what the Fluke does?  The Fluke is a little pricey where I live and I have found alternatives.
dbruntonAuthor Commented:

Points are yours.  Done some reading and research.  Now to sweet talk managment.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool. thank you!

If you have a Fluke (whatever) Rock... best testing equipment.

"Now to sweet talk managment"

Or they can pay 3-5x as much to rewire the place.  Sound sweet enought?  ;-)
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