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I am trying to configure Cisco SAA on 3745 running 12.3 version.
The problem is when I enter in to global config and type "RTR" it says %unrecognized command". I checked Cisco website and it says 12.3 works fine and the hardware also does support.
And I've sufficient rights :)
Curious what could be the problem ?

Do I need to load any seperate software or additional MIB's required ?

Thx a lot for the help..
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What feature set do you have? I had to update my 3600 and 2600 to Enterprise Base to get the feature.
Software Advisor shows it to be available in IP PLUS feature set for 3745 -  12.3(18)  c3745-is-mz.12.3-18
The only image I can find that it is not supported on is IPbase..

Here's another good reference doc:
srikrishnakAuthor Commented:
srikrishnakAuthor Commented:
Thx a ton Moore. That solves my doubt...Once again its good to hear your answer...
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