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To change CISCO 1700 admin password


How can I change a Cisco 1700 router administrator password?

Thanks a lot.
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if you know the old passwd just type in the config mode
enable secret "PASSWORD"
for telnet access you change it in line vty comand mode with command password "something"
if you dont know the old pwd you have to follow the pwd recovery ptrocedure
montcadalrAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I've no experience with Cisco.

I use hyperterminal to access the router, once I log in, what are the configuration commands to type to chanbe the password?

Thanks for your help.
if you are in the enable mode type:
conf t
enable secret 'your password'

thats all
" How can I change a Cisco 1700 router administrator password? "

  montcadalr :-- have you forgotten your password?? or you just want to change the password?

  to change the password ( assuming that you know the password )

 Start the router: when the router boots you need to hit Enter key

you will come to this prompt -- "hostname of router>"
enter the command "enable" and press enter.
it will ask the password ( if it is set )-- enter the password (if you remember, and if you dont remember the password.. look at the last lines about how to change the password.)
when you enter the password your prompt will look like this "hostname of router#"
ENter the command-- configure terminal
you will see the prompt -- "hostname of router (config)# "
then type the command "enable password the_new_password"
then "write"
then "ctrl+z"
then "reload" the router will boot and you can use your new password.

  Now if you have forgotten your password...then
follow the steps in this URL http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/474/pswdrec_2600.shtml
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