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How can i share file system between to linux box (permanent).
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You mean share between multiple machine (linux/other OS boxes)?
Yes use NFS to export the filesystem branch to network.
Yes use samba(windows share) to export the filesystem branch to network.
Aida2Author Commented:
No i mean share between to linux box exactly i looking for export command (maybe in one write a permition and name for another machine in /etc/exports and from another box just mount it) or something like that
Install nfs-server on the box where the directrory exists permanently, then export with /etc/exports and start nfs-server
on the other box: mount -t nfs /local/path
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so you want NFS...
/etc/exports would be something like this:


this means that anyone in the 192.168.5.* network can mount it read-only, and there is read-write access just to (you can use hostnames too)

If you operate as root, you may want to use the no_root_squash option as well, since this means that you can mount it as root and still act as root on the nfs server

don't put a space between the host/network in the permissions (ro) or (rw) or else you'll negate the permissions

you can then mount if from the other PC with the command:
mount -t nfs <nfs server>:/apps /mnt/apps

this will mount 'apps' from the machine 'nfs server' as '/mnt/apps' on the local system. You can make it permanent by modifying /etc/fstab


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Aida2Author Commented:
Thank you jammy i was look for this
i my nfs server i have
/apps     *(rw,mp,async,no_root_squash)
in my /etc/exports

And from another box i try:

mount -t nfs new:/apps /mnt/apps
i get :
mount: new:/apps failed, reason given by server: permission denied

but apps have 777
Aida2Author Commented:
nfsstat for both server are
calls    badcalls    badauth     badclnt   xdrcall
0            0              0               0          0

Aida2Author Commented:
Sorry i forgat to restar service ntfs. now is ok thank you.
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