Cannot delete selected rows with push of a button in subform datasheet view.

I have set the allowdeletions propety default to false, as I dont want users to highlight and hit delete by them selves.

I wish to do the following

have a button that does this :

but i get a runtime error 2406
"The comamnd or action deleterows isn't available now"  any ideas...

Forms![purchaseorders]![PurchaseOrdersSubform].Form.AllowDeletions = True
 DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdDeleteRows
Forms![purchaseorders]![PurchaseOrdersSubform].Form.AllowDeletions = False some other code....
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Please clarify...  you want a button to do the deletion?

If so simply place a button on the detail record
and write a Delete SQL statement and build the where portion in the on click

Assuming that yor details are in a table called PurchaseOrdersDetails it would be something like the following

Dim strSQL as string

strSQL = "Delete * from PurchaseOrdersDetails Where InvoiceNum = " & Me.invoiceNum & " AND ProductID = " & Me.ProductID & ";"

DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL


The form properties have no control to prevent you from running SQL



You are using the wrong constant. It's acCmdDeleteRecord, not acCmdDeleteRows...

Try this:

    With Me.PurchaseOrdersSubform.Form
        .AllowDeletions = True
        RunCommand acCmdDeleteRecord
        .AllowDeletions = False
    End With

But the really simple solution is just:



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Ricky11Author Commented:
Still cant manage to do it.

I need to delete only the selected row in the the subform datasheet view.

the delete button is comming from another form on the main form..

thus in my original question i had done as follows

 DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdDeleteRows
Forms![purchaseorders]![PurchaseOrdersSubform].Form.AllowDeletions = False

i can see that the focus has now change to the correct row on the datasheet subform but i am still getting the same error deleting it... and i dont think it has anything to do with the allow deletions property... cuz i change it to true in the original subform..

i will try and see if i can use a update query instead.



You apparently haven't read my comment at {http:#16549990}. You are still using acCmdDeleteRows, which is wrong.
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