Disposal of old IT equipment in the UK

We are replacing our desktop PC's in the summer and need to get rid of 60 Dell Optiplex GX110's (P3 866, 192MB RAM, 10GB and 2000 COA) plus 60 Dell E770P 17" monitors.

I have looked on ebay and think that I could get about £40.00 for each system. But this is based on selling each one individually and i really can't be bothered with the hassle.

Ideally we are looking for somebody who will take them all off our hands at worst or free and at best for a small return to ourselves.

Can anyone based in the UK recommend any companies who can do this for us. Ideally, I would like recomendations of companies you have dealt with personally.


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Nick DennyCommented:
There is a  "job lot"  section on ebay and you can more or less guarentee that someone will take them off your hands.

If you are new to ebay as a seller - simply start your bidding at  £0.01 and this way you will generate more interest.

Do a Sunday late afternoon 7 day auction and specify "collection only".

You may be surprised how much you get - or not  ;)
I am not sure about the tax laws in the UK, but here in the US, you can get a fairly large charity deduction for old hardware.

Companies here use this to their advantage and get 2 things out of it, the tax deduction, and the publicity for donating the equipment.

The publicity part really only works if the machines are operational, but if they are, then a lot of charitable organizations like churches, homeless shelters, and the like, would love to get your machines.

One cavieat, is that some of the organizations may ask you a lot of questions (almost to the point of seeming ungrateful) because some companies have used this method to unload unuseable monitors, and in the US many disposal services charge for the disposal of monitors, so the "Donation" ends up costing the charity money...
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Have you tried to talk to Dell's assest recovery people. You may be able to get some money or credit with them depending on the systems.
metamaticAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the replies. In the first instance we will try and sell them off to our staff. After that we may well consider donating them or a job lot on ebay. Dell aren't interested - they will charge me to take them away!
Nick DennyCommented:
Thanks and good luck :)
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