Unable to store document in <SERVER> names.nsf (NoteID = 0) from names.nsf (NoteID = 59714): No such entry on remote server

After an domino upgrade 5.011 to 6.5.4FP2 we received many messages in the log

Error message:
Unable to store document in <SERVER> names.nsf (NoteID = 0) from names.nsf (NoteID = 59714): No such entry on remote server


The cause of the problem is the profile document $Topology, after we deleted the $Topology document we did not recieved new errors.

$Topology is been made by the MAPS task on the administration server
TopologyData1 => "DOM;NAM=XYZXYZ;"
TopologyData2 => "NWK;NAM=You need to upgrade your client. Topology data is in R6 format;"
TopologyData3 => "CLS;NAM=You need to upgrade your client. Topology data is in R6 format;"

replicatie server
TopologyData1 => "DOM;NAM=XYZXYZ;"
$RarelyUsedName => "NWK;NAM=You need to upgrade your client. Topology data is in R6 format;"
$RarelyUsedName => "CLS;NAM=You need to upgrade your client. Topology data is in R6 format;"

The $Topology document on the administration server has the same values as before the upgrade.
Ofline Compact -c -i has been done.
It seems that the names.nsf is getting bigger and bigger. It looks like a replication conflict within the names.nsf , but we cannot see it because we don not have te appropriate view.

We still have some domino 5 servers in the domain and we still replicate them with the domino 6.5.4FP2  servers.

Question : Why have the field names on the replication server a different name than the one on the administration server, who is changing this and how can we solve this?

Kind regards,
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The field names hsould not have changed. Check the template for your address book.

As part of the recommendations, I think you are supposed to put the newest template on all of your oder servers.

Did you read the REDbook on R6 upgrades ?

In the meantime, I would turn off the Maps task which probably creates the $opology stuff

I hope this helps !

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You upgraded all servers? Or just one? In that case, make sure that you don't replicate the design of the NAB to other servers.
Hi sjef_bosman,
The Domino 6 Directory template can be used in a mixed-release environment that contains Domino 6 and Domino 4.6 or Domino 5 servers. After upgrading your first server to Lotus Domino 6, you can replicate the new template to the other servers in your organization.

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rotomanAuthor Commented:
The names.nsf of the 6.5.4FP2 and 5.XX servers are of the 6.5.4 template. I cannot upgrade all the servers to 6.5.4FP2 because other departments have there own servers (and have to upgrade themselves ) in the one domain.
Indead i turned of the Maps task till this is solved.

The first ( administration) server was upgraded to 6.5.4 FP2 first, Now we are upgrading the rest .

Kind regards,

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Yes, the R6 template CAN be used, but I myself wouldn't do that. We've had some strange issues in the past when upgrading servers, and don't like issues with NABs, whatever the reason.
Just a thought, does the replicating/updating server have access to the NAB?   And to that document?
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