Citrix and Web Interface Problem

This is an application provided by a hospital.  I am not the administrator of the citrix server. Just the IT consultant for the medical practice trying to access the hospital system. I am not that experienced with citrix.

The hospital has provided a URL to logon to citrix.  Once the user is logged in they then click on the application icon they want to launch via citrix.

A user with Administrator privileges can launch the application.

A user with user privileges can NOT launch the application. The errors "Network or dial-up problems are preventing communication with the Citrix MetaFrame Server.

Now I know citrix installs a small file when lauching from the web for access to the application.  Now where does citrix try to install this?  That is most likely the problem since adminstrators don't have a problem installing something, where a user does not have access to install something on the computer.

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