Where can I find step-by-step directions on creating a fiole/web server for 2003 Server and migrate files from 3 different servers to one?

My Director has assigned me as the server administrator of our new server. I don't have any formal education with servers, however I have played around with them for a few years. The server runs Windows 2003 Server and is going to be a file/web server. It is a new server and nothing has been done with it.

I am assuming that I can assign it the role of File and Web server using the wizard in "Managing your server". I have three hard drives in the server, C, D, and E. I am going to leave 'C' alone. I plan to assign 'D' as the webserver (47GB) and 'E' as the file server (500GB).

I currently have 6 folders on drive 'D' each representing a department. Currently the data for each department are found on three different servers. I am assuming that to make my server a File/Web server I must assign it those roles and I can use the Wazard on 2003 to do that.

Can anyone tell me where I can find step by step directions on how to go through these (File server and Web server) wizards to set up these 6 folders? I went through the wizard and it give me an option to setting one shared location

Is there an easier way to move the data from the three servers to my server. I thought about mapping drives, but that would take a long time over the network. I was hoping there was an easier way.

Thank you for any help you can give me

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There are many migration tools.

Im not aware of one to transfer normal data.


Description of the User State Migration Tool for Windows XP Professional

Overview of the Public Folder Migration tool

Active Directory Migration Tool version 2 to migrate from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003
if your talking about moving hundreds of gigabytes, a fast way is to install the hd in the machine you want...... you could also use a crossover cable if the machines are close enough.. but this would be almost the same as mapping
jneal0331Author Commented:
I was told that Microsoft had a migration tool that can be used to transfer data from one server to another, however I can find any information on it.
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