Check if a file exists on FTP, answer with yes or no

We have a system who storing files on a local server, where a part of the filenames contains an unique 8 char code.
This unique 8 char code is also stored in an access database.

Now I search for a function who:
1. On a click, makes this Access database connect to this local server through FTP (yes, ftp is a must).
2. Check if there is a filename having this unique 8 char code.
3. Tell Yes if the file exists, No if it doesn't exist.

And an overkill, but very useful if above is very easy:
4. If yes, click again and the file are transferred and runs with the computers associated software.

Is this possible? How do I do :)
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Jim P.Commented:
I've only have ever been able to shell FTP commands.  Someone pointed out this site to me to do FTP with api calls.

I have never used any of it, so I am not the expert to ask on this.

I'm sure there is a better way, but you can always do this, from a batch file or a Shell command:

    ftp -v -s:test.ftp | find "filetocheck.txt" | find /v "ftp> " > test.out

test.ftp contains this (which can be written from VB, naturally)
ls filetocheck.txt

After running the command, the file test.out will contain the name of the matching file, or nothing. It's easy to read that back into VB to proceed

A similar technique can be used to retrieve the file.

Hopw this helps
dingirAuthor Commented:
Hi Jimpen! I'm about to trying this now.. I'm not sure how I get it into vbscript. I try to use Call Shell(..) as I use in some other similiar cases (just simple upload/download actions). You have any working vbscript-examples?
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dingirAuthor Commented:
Hi harfang! Thank's something like that - putted in a Shell, but I can't get that find-command works.. :/
Ah, I knew it. Couldn't figure it out? There must be 1000 ways of doing this, but here is one:

Try ? CheckFTP("*.txt")
Option Explicit

Const FTP_SITE = ""
Const FTP_LOGIN = "anonymous" & vbCrLf & ""
Const FTP_PATH = "deskapps/ACCESS/KB"

Function CheckFTP(pstrFile As String)

    Dim strLine As String
    ChDir Environ("TEMP")
    ' ftp script:
    Open "~~check.ftp" For Output As #1
    Print #1, FTP_LOGIN
    Print #1, "cd " & FTP_PATH
    Print #1, "ls", pstrFile
    Print #1, "quit"
    Close #1
    ' batch file:
    Open "~~check.bat" For Output As #1
    Print #1, "ftp -v -s:~~check.ftp " & FTP_SITE _
        & "|find/v""ftp>"">~~check.out"
    Print #1, "del ~~check.ftp"
    Print #1, "del ~~check.bat"
    Close #1
    ' run batch
    CheckFTP = Null
    If Shell("~~check.bat") = 0 Then Exit Function
    Do While Dir("~~check.ftp") <> ""
        ' should add a timer here...
    ' read results...
    Open "~~check.out" For Input As #1
    Do Until EOF(1)
        Line Input #1, strLine
        strLine = Trim(strLine)
        If strLine <> "quit" And strLine <> "" Then _
            CheckFTP = CheckFTP + ";" & strLine
    Close #1
    Kill "~~check.out"
End Function

More about FTP scripting at


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dingirAuthor Commented:
PERFECT! What a nice solution. Thank's a lot :)
Glad you like it. It's low-tech (and shows my age) but it does seem to work...
Good luck!
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