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Hi Experts,

I am trying to make an agent appear and speak on a form. I have downloaded the following:

1. microsoft speech recognition engine  
2. microsoft text to speech engine  
3. microsoft speech API  

I have the following code:

Private character As AgentObjects.IAgentCtlCharacter

Dim agent_location As String = "c:\windows\msagent\chars\"

        AxAgent1.Characters.Load("Peedy", agent_location & "Peedy.acs") 'problem here
        'Set current character to Peedy and show it
        agentID = "Peedy"
        character = AxAgent1.Characters(agentID) 'problem here

once the agent character has been created, i want to make it appear and speak on different button clicks

button1 - character.Show(0)
button2 - character.Speak(TextBox1.Text)

The problem: AxAgent1 is a control object, which i dont know how to get onto the form. It is of type AxAgentObjects.AxAgent. I have tried 'Project' 'Add reference' and cant find this.

How do i get this control on the form??

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right click on your toolbox, Add/Remove items

should appear under the COM Components tab i think
just a guess but try

Private character As NEW AgentObjects.IAgentCtlCharacter

then in form load or decleration

ab2aeAuthor Commented:

I dont want the AgentObjects.IAgentCtlCharacter as a form control i need AxAgentObjects.AxAgent as a form control, it is a man with a hat on, an agent
ab2aeAuthor Commented:
Using Visual Studio 2005

Import references below:

‘Microsoft Direct Text-to-Speech’
‘Microsoft Agent Control 2.0’

Then right-click on toolbox 'Choose Items..' then 'COM Components' tab then 'Microsoft Agent Control 2.0'
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