LoadVars works in Firefox but not IE

Here is my code:

       var localeven = new LoadVars();
      // call the load method to load my asp page

      localeven.onLoad = function( success )
                  trace("Error loading page");
                        //........output error message

As I say, works fine in Firefox (and in Flash MX 2004 Professional), but IE doesn't load anything in (and returns my eror message)
Any suggestions?
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your flash is correct and should work fine for all browsers . my guess is check your asp file , maybe you have some error there that the firefox browser was more forgivin about .  (if the asp page returns an error it will not load itself to flash)
try sendAndLoad
JohnHowlettAuthor Commented:
Tried it.
Same symptoms.

Is this an IE security issue? (Although I am trying to load an asp file from within the same domain.)
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