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Dell VLAN 6024

I am trying to understand something here...

I have two VLANS... the dell switch supports putting a port into "trunk" mode.  Which means all data across it will be tagged.. if there is no tag it will use the pvid for the port.

What is the difference in doing this and putting the said port as a tagged member of both VLANS?  When you defined the trunk you still have to setup the port as a member of the VLAN (i think).

Perhaps a trunk port is automagically a member of all VLANs and this prevents you from having to setup the port as a member of all VLANs...

Anyone know?
2 Solutions
The trunk has to have a "native" vlan, which is one that will not be tagged. A good practice is to create new vlans for your data and leave the untagged one just for making the trunk work.
You really only need to use trunks when you are using multiple switches. The trunk connections carry traffic from all VLANS between switches that both support the same, multiple switches.

Both answers are correct of course, but don't answer my question. I know how I can make it work for us, but I'm curious how the switch will work if I would assign 2 or more untagged vlan's to 1 port.
Why should someone use this configuration?

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