Remove Reading Pane from OWA 2003 for all Users

This question has appeared before, but the 'answer' to that question was not actually a solution.  Is it possible to turn the reading pane OFF for all OWA 2003 users by default?  As far as I can tell, Microsoft's OWA Admin tool does not allow the administrator to turn off the reading pane for all users, so the previous question's accepted answer does not help me.

My users HATE the reading pane, especially for Public Folders that contain FreeDocs.  In those cases, the reading merely displays a blank e-mail.

I would deepy appreciate a solution to this, if there is one! Thanks!
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i could just find one option and that is

when you open OWA there is an option to turn off the Reading pane (option- show/hide reading pane)

once you do it then the next time the user logs in the OWA does not diplay the reading pane.

i was not able to find a way to turn this off for all the users at the same time.

I've just found a quick and dirty way to make it go away altogether (it will take more time to find a way to have it available, but off by default):

Have a look for your util_View.js file (the version in your 6.5.7638.1\controls folder).  Make a backup copy, and open it in Notepad.  Press F3 to search for the text 'togglePreviewPane'.  You should find a function like this:

function togglePreviewPane(iState)
{if ...

insert 'return true;' after the { but before the if, like this:

function togglePreviewPane(iState)
{return true; if ...

and save the file.  Your users will need to clear their IE caches.
Lee already answered your question, but I wanted to post this since it was relevant to your question:
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Found an easier way to hide it altogether.  Right near the top of vw_Message.js , add a line

  g_iPreview = 0;

So it looks like this:

//Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
g_iPreview = 0;

I can't find where the initial option gets set, though.  It is well hidden.
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Well, I have my moments, I guess.  I'm going to try to get to the bottom of this, but I'll have to give it a rest for today.
It seems that the preview setting ( [this is a property name, not a URL] ) is set to 1 as soon as you request OWA 2003 using IE.  Unfortunately this happens before anything is sent back to the client, so there's nothing you can do in JavaScript to change it.  You could change the togglePreviewPane function Case statements, so that a value of 1 closes the pane, and 0 opens it on the right, but I think that would cause even more confusion, since the drop-down entries at the top of the window would then be incorrectly labelled.  I think it would just be easier to tell the users where the drop-down preview options are.

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isdirectAuthor Commented:
It's true - Lee rocks!

My programmer and I were able to remove the reading pane with both types of hacks you described, so we know that is an option.  Thank you.  However, I still think having that preview pane on by default is dumb - and a little risky.  At the very least, Microsoft should give Administrators the ability to set the default behavior.

Enough griping.  You gave us some great info, Lee, so I am accepting your answer.  Thanks again!!!
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