detach a txt file from a note & copy text into spreadsheet

Please can you help!
Also, Please don't provide a big chunk of lotusscript code as i dont understand it.
If possible I would like to do this using @commands/functions.

I am wishing to create an agent to transfer data in a txt file and
automatically place it into a spreadsheet (excel or lotus 123 it doesnt

I have an excel file already with just the column headers and
formatting so excel would be better.

I have mail sent to me on a regular basis during the day. Each note
contains a text file such as below: -

NAME=John Smith
JOB REF=frtf78
REASON=Under Instruction
COMMENTS=Customer problem

I want the agent to do the following: -

1. When 'new mail' arrives in folder "FOLDER_A" run agent
2. Open the attached txt file and copy each line after the '=' sign
into the spreadsheet.

I would like to do this using simple actions or commands as my
Lotusscript is not very good !!

Any help anyone could pass on would be really useful to me.


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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Is this the same question as your previous one? Madheeswar is right, it can't be done using Formula language. I understand that you want something simple, but what you're asking is far from simple.
gray180Author Commented:
Yes Sjef it is the same question.

It looks like I will be printing the file off and going through it on the way home tonight.

I will need to understand the code to be able to manipulate it a bit so any advice on that thread to point out the main parts of the code would be really useful.

If I can understand the code and how it works then I can use it

Thanks for your help.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You might ask Madheeswar some clarification here and there, he sometimes just whacks code in, without "documentation".

If you don't need this here question, you might ask for it to be deleted. To do that, put a question in Community Support with a link to this one.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Anyway, I suggested NOT to produce the text-file, but to put the information in a simple mail. In that way, you don't have the form to send, you can use then standard Memo-form and put the info you want to send in the Body field.
gray180Author Commented:
Cheers Sjef,
I have taken the form from the mail being sent, and assigned the the field that holds the data to the body field of the note.

This works excellently - thankyou.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Great! Now for the receiving end: how to get the data out. Will that be handled in your other question?

My suggestion here:
- get the body field
- get the text (may have to be done differently for Text and RichText fields)
- use Split(text, newline) to chop up the text into an array of lines
- handle line by line
gray180Author Commented:
Good stuff Sjef,

Madheeswar has showed me the way on this and it works excellently.

I just need to select the documents in the view now and hit the button and its all there.

Thanks very very much for all of your help and guidance.
Actually learnt a lot from the comments and the code so thanks.

So... I would be getting my share of points here also right?

Should not be a problem for you ????


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gray180Author Commented:
Just for the cheek of it Madheeswar I will be glad to give you some more points here too!!!!    :)

Since you got most of them for your very descriptive answer previously I have given you an extra 150 here.

My project first started with Sjef answering many many questions for me hence 350 extra for him too.

I have just seen that I have given the accepted answer less points than the assist !!!!


But thankyou both very much for your patience and informative replies.

It really is appreciated - Cheers !!!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Story of my life... :(

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