i have 2 prepare a project related 2 information systems like library management or super market management or any this is my first project i dont have any idea of how 2 start.can any1 help me out?also can any1 send me links containing projects so that i can see how a project should be.thanks in advance.
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First of all, I can see this question is without any comment for long time. If you’re with Software Engineering or System Design like question then Software/ System design T.A. would be a better place for you, where I think you’ll get better responses.

To start with, I think this is an education project you’re asking about. In educational projects, documentation or paper work is the most vital thing. If you can compile the paper work correctly, you can develop the coding part in any languages like VB.NET, VB6 or with other tools. So, here all I can say the basic & the vital thing is the paper works.

Before starting a project you need to prepare a project proposal. Here I’m giving a quick snap of the project proposal for Car Servicing & Enquiry Management. This project is done for the Car Dealers. Mainly there are two parts of this project, Servicing & Enquiry.

1. Project Title
Car Servicing & Enquiry Management

2. Introduction & Objective of the Project

The proposed project is focused upon a car showroom. This project deals with car sale, after sales servicing management, after sales free & paid service with parts, accessories & consumable goods managing. It pacts with customer details information, car description, free or paid service details information including accounting status. The whole process is enriched with refined reporting.

Second part of this project is ‘Enquiry Management’. This special part deals with new customer enquiry. The enquiry section is divided into 3 different sections. ‘Hot’, ‘Warm’ & ‘Cold’. Hot stands for the sure prospective customer, where as warm & cold respectively likely prospective & not sure basis. In this section customized day to day reporting is available.

* Total customer management with servicing.
* Servicing included servicing date, release date, cost (in all aspects).
* Exclusive reporting features to keep update day to day information, printing facilities, and customized reporting- according to Srno, Engine No., Chechis No., Registration No., etc. & saving facilities for each & every report for further concern.
* Enquiry management to keep in details information about new customers.
* Enquiry type with automatic type conversion. After 1 month ‘Hot’ enquiry becomes ‘Warm’, ‘Warm’ becomes ‘Cold’ & ‘Cold’ will be deleted automatically.
* Mass mailing/ mail merge facilities included in the software for producing letter & new offers to the existing customers.

3. System Analysis
3.1. Identification of Need
Our client is a dealer of several four wheeler, tractors, power tiller etc. They provide post sale free and paid service with retail parts & consumable goods. This is one point of discussion upon which they are opting to keep a track on.

On the other hand they have some marketing persons traveling through on site or offsite. This is also a field on which records are to be kept in accordingly. Time to time they can easily sum-up their marketing strength & keep a regular touch with visited individuals.

3.2. Preliminary Investigation
Preliminary Investigation was done in person at their working location. Following are the points on which the required investigation was ended.

• Questionnaires: First of all we designed some questions according to their needs & were asked verbally to the manager. This questionnaires session is a very crucial one, without which we can’t step forward. Individual co-operation is solicited very much during this session.

• Interviews: This points we put focus upon the points not cent percent clear to us.

• Observation: Observations can be made on the following points

                    1. Watching staff carry out various tasks
                    2. Recording observations on forms or in a diary, etc
                    3. Time consuming
                    4. Only likely to give a snapshot of the problems
                    5. People behave differently when they are being observed

• Sampling: Systematically selecting representative elements of the population.
Objectives of sampling are:
                    1. containing costs
                    2. speeding up
                    3. Improving effectiveness
                    4. reducing data bias

4. Feasability Study: The process followed in making a determination is called Feasibility Study. This type of study clearly specifies that, the project should be taken up or not.

Feasibility Study has to follow 8 steps, they are...

1. Form a project team & appoint a PL
2. Prepare system flowcharts
3. Enumerate potential proposed systems
4. Define & identify characteristics of proposed system
5. Determine & evaluate performance & cost effectiveness of each proposed system
6. Weight system performance & cost data
7. Select the best proposed system
8. Prepare & report final project directive to management.

4.1 Technical Feasibility: The proposed project is how much feasible technically; that’s technically how it can resolve all the requirements. This is called technical feasibility. It always depends largely on how the preliminary investigation has done & ofcourse on how technically sound developers are available for the project.
4.2 Economical Feasibility: Is the project cost effective at the end? After implementing the project, if the works is being done in less operational cost compared to traditional manual works, the it may be said that the it is economical feasible.
4.3 Operational Feasibility: The new prospective area in the field of application is said operational feasibility. To say is more proficiently what advantages are being introduced over past traditional jobs.

Here I mentioned some points from the proposal. The actual proposal for this project is about 16 pages, that contains the ERDiagram, Process Flow Control & other essential diagrams. But as EE doesn't accept anything without text I can't provide those diagram. If you need the whole proposal & documentation then write a mail, my email addr is given in my profile.

To end with, with do correct paper works, because this is the most vital issue to figure out requirment & specification of a project. Then develop it in any laguages you're flexible with. By the way the project is done with VB6 & MySQL.

Best of Luck for your project

For an education project another important thing is choosing the right Software Development Model or Paradigm. Because, the code patters depends upon which model or pradigm you're using. Often RAD or Rapid Application Development model is used in this kind of project. Even I've done some of my projects with RAD, but later on I move to Incremental Model. I hope you're aware of incremental model.

Why Incremental Model
The main concept of this model is doing part-by-part. If I say 100% is the project & 40% is what the customer can start their work with, then develop the 40% & give it to the client. So, that he/she can start working with. Then start the remaining 60%. Now what is the most interesting thing here is, debugging is quite easier. Say, the first increament (40% of the entire work) using by the customer & you're developing remaining part. So, tell your customer to note down whatever the problem he is facing while using that part. Then you delivar the next 20% with the rectification of the earlier 40% and so on.

I think you can understand what I'm saying. While after education project, if u later move on doing individual projects, then it'll be quite harder for u to do those huge paper work as a single. For a team work or for big level projects there are many models available. But for small projects there is a brand new concept, which you may not even find on you study book, is the Whitewater Interactive System Development with Object Models or say WISDOM.

Read more about WISDOM:~

Also see the following PAQ, may be helpful for you.

Here I'm giving u a sample Library Management Project, which may be helpful to track down what/ how the project should be. Though this is in VB6.


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Hi friends,

Can I also have the project of  "library management or super market management " with project domumentations, as I have to submit my project with doc till tomorow.

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