login script (batch file probably) to copy couple of files

i would like to write a login script which should copy a couple of files from the network and put it in their respective user machine.
This is probably easy instead of us running around each machine and trying to copy..
any headstarts or how to proceed...

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Yup, say you wanted to copy a hyperlink file:  The icon on the desktop says "HelpDesk"

1) Copy the icon into the scripts folder
2) create a text file, call it logon.bat
edit the file with notepad

in note pad type:
copy HelpDesk.lnk "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop"

3) Save and close the text file.
4) Double click the file to confirm that it will actually copy the file to the correct location
5) Test by logging ito another machine
Pra4444Author Commented:
i forgot to add that we run windows xp on most machines..
Place your startup script under

C:\WINNT\sysvol\sysvol\{your ads domain name}\scripts

Then go to your "Active Directory Users and Groups", select each of the users you wish to be affected by the script,
edit the user and select "Profile", type the name of the script (eg: netlogon.bat") here.

If your script is copying files, place them in the above folder as well.

Then go to your "Active Directory Users and Groups", select your domain component (eg: nwtraders.msft),
right click and select "Properties"

Select the "Group Policy" tab, and "Edit" the "Default Domain Policy"
This will open a group policy editor, under

  "User Configuration/Windows Settings/Scripts"

you can specify or copy one or more batch/cmd/vbs files to be run at logon
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Whoops, the second half of those instructions is only if you want to specify a logon script for everyone and you don't wish
to configure EACH profile.

Sorry about that
Pra4444Author Commented:
i am sorry i am a novice...
how do i write the script??? is it just a simple copy statement???
Glad to help Pra444
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