Copy VMware files while they are running

Is there a GUI utility with scheduling features that can be used to backup a VMware GSX Server VM files while they are running?  I have read about scripting to stop the VMs back them up and restart the VMs.  But I want a app/utility that can perform the backup while the VMs are running, using a schedule.


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On our ESX servers we create a snapshot of a running machine by temporarily pausing the machine and creating a redo log. Basically any changes to the operating  state of the machine are logged while you copy the file, you then apply the redo log to the machine to let the vmx file catch up with the changes.

Just had a quick look on the vmware site, but it seems that these commands arent available on GSX. There is a solution posted though.

From my experience and research, you cannot backup the image while it is running, but maybe I am missing something. I  use mainly Microsoft virtual server and virtual PC and I know you cannot perform backups while the image is running, but I think that is the next version.

I believe VMware is the same
Shawn, this won't work on your GSX products, but if you ever make the move to ESX, there is a great product called ESX Ranger.  Works like a champ:
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