Single label domain names

I have three single-label domains.  By single lable, I mean my domains names are simply domain1, domain2 and domain3.  There is not .com or anything like that.

Anyway, I am trying to use the ADMT to migrate users from one domain to another and domain1 cannot see domain2 or domain3.

I am asking what I must do to my DNS in order for these three single lable domains to see each other?


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Sorry, thrown off by the use of domain names., use Active Directory Domains and Trusts to set up 2 way trusts between the domains.  Set up secondary dns zones from each of the domains to one another, example
Domain 1 - trusts domain 2 and domain 3, secondary zones for domain 2 and domain 3
Domain 2 - trusts domain 1 and domain 3, secondary zones for domain 1 and domain 3
domain 3 - trusts domain 1 and domain 2, secondary zones for domain 1 and domain 3

You may have to set the dns search order.
Since there is not an FQDN I am assuming that this is a series of NT4 domains, you will want to create two way trusts to each of the domains (d1<->d2, d1<->d3, d2<->d3).  

This is done from the Domain User Manager Policies entry on the menu bar.
From the Policy menu, select Trust Relationships. Next to the lower box labeled Permitted to Trust this Domain are two buttons, Add and Remove. The Add button will open a panel in which to enter the name of the remote domain that will be able to assign access rights to users in your domain. You will also need to enter a password for this trust relationship, which the trusting domain will use when authenticating users from the trusted domain. The password needs to be typed twice (for standard confirmation).

To consummate the trust relationship, the administrator will launch the Domain User Manager from the menu select Policies, then select Trust Relationships, click on the Add button next to the box that is labeled Trusted Domains. A panel will open in which must be entered the name of the remote domain as well as the password assigned to that trust.  Ensure that there is a trust running in both directions.

You may need to update wins with the PDC information from the other domains on each.

That should do it
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
Sorry, these are three Server 2003 Enterprise domains.
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crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
Thought of that, but when I attempt to set up trusts, domain1 can't find domain2, etc.  Hence, I figure my DNS is wrong.  I've read at length about single-label domain names and the domain rename tool.  I'd like to leave it like it is as these three domains will not grow at all.

So, back to my original to set up DNS to each single-label domain can see the other two single-label domains so that I then can establish trusts.

set up a secondary zone for the other domains in each domain, in this scenario the primary or active directory integrated zone will be authoritative.  Allow zone transfers between the dns servers in each single label domain.
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
ok, I had set them up as primary zones.  I'll move them to secondary.
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