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Hi experts,
I have about 600 toshiba A70 laptops that needs to be wiped and imaged in 3 months. What is the most efficient network setup, so that I can do multicasting ?
I use symantec ghost to do multicasting and a toshiba laptop as server and Gnet broadband router with 5 ports. It takes 25 mins to image 4 laptops, but I want a much faster process. I can afford to have 2 laptops as servers.  Will a switch with more ports help?

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Yes, monitor hard drive activity on the server to see where the real use threshold is.

If you want more options, I suggest burning DVD's that are bootable, contain, killdisk to wipe , and then startup ghost, reading the image file stored on the DVD.  That is if your image can fit into DVD or DVD-DL. You can do as many at the same time as you feel like burning DVD copies.

Another Idea I have would be to make 10 ghosts, and then start those up with cd/floppy running ghost and they supply images to the next 10, etc. lots of options.
I would suggest getting a larger switch so you can do more machines at once, since they will all be reading the multicast stream simultaneously there is no need for dual servers, you just need more physical connections to do more at the same time.  If you have 24 ports, then you should be able to do 24 laptops in 25 minutes.

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PriyasuttyAuthor Commented:
Thank You all for helping me find a solution.

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