How to detect what is going on in internet explorer? It is idle at loading stage.

I want to know what exactly is IE is doing, there is no problem loading the page at mozilla. I also try to capture packet to see what is going on, but the checksum of some of the packet is incorrect. I want to know what is IE thinking. Thanks.
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'I want to know what exactly is IE is doing' - no way
checksum may be incorrect for fragmentet packets, it's ok

Use Mozilla :-)
mostly web page developer think of IE and will do the page desighn and scripting and everything.
mostly that will work correctly with the all the browser..
but in some cases, I.E will show you the error in the bottom while accesing asp or jsp pages due to the error in scripts.
But these errors are simply ignored by browsers like mozila. and it will be procceded to handle the same.

srini ms
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