lotus note?

I just got a call from a user who is going to have to work with a couple datasets with millions of elements (I think he said over 10 million). He will need to run queries against these sets to find matches/orphans. Our collective guess was that Access would either 1)completely choke on this or, 2) take forever.

We were wondering if there is a fast SQL server around that we might be able to do this work on?

NSF lotus notes file... how do I read one?

If anyone has any thoughts on this, that would be great.
Does anyone have a utility to allow me to read an NSF file?
Dennis MillerAsked:
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Notes is NOT for 10 millions of "records"
Also we are all waiting for that NSF reader.
So far the only one comes from Lotus (Iris)
That mean, you need Notes client or Domino server to read a NSF file.
Imagine NSF as structured storage where you can many different Documents, and not records. They can be all different kind in same NSF. Therefore are 10 million records bad idea.

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