determine default constraint on a col and delete it


I'll be writing a script, where given a col name, I need to determine the name of the default constraint (if any) that exists on it, and delete it. At present, I am using the foll query to determine the constraint name:

select as TABLE_NAME
sysobjects c_obj
join sysobjects t_obj on c_obj.parent_obj =
join sysconstraints con on = con.constid
join syscolumns col on = and con.colid = col.colid
where = '<table name>'
and c_obj.xtype = 'D'
and = '<column name>'

if i was running this manually from the query analyzer, then what i could do is, run it, then see which constraints are returned, and then maybe run another "ALTER TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT" query ... but from a script, i cant do that since i dont know the name of the constraint unless i "look" at the results returned

can anyone help me?

thanks :)
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Ved Prakash AgrawalDatabase Consultant/Performance ArchitectCommented:
HI tried to place the result  into temp table and use the while loop and place the alter command inside loop.

you can dynamic query place inside while loop
and then you can place logic inside that

muskad202Author Commented:

can u tell me the syntax for using a while loop in TSQL?

Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
You don't really need a loop; a single dynamically-executed command should be
able to handle almost all table defaults.

DECLARE @tableName NVARCHAR(100)
DECLARE @columnName NVARCHAR(100)
SET @tableName = N'<table name>'
SET @columnName = N'<column name>'  --or N'ALL' to drop all defaults on table

SET @sqlCmd = ''

SELECT @sqlCmd = @sqlCmd + 'ALTER TABLE ' +
    CAST(OBJECT_NAME(constId) AS VARCHAR(100)) + ';' +
    CASE WHEN @columnName = N'ALL' THEN
        ' /* ' + CAST(COL_NAME(id, ColId) AS VARCHAR(100)) + ' */'
         ELSE '' END + CHAR(13)
FROM sysconstraints WITH (NOLOCK)
WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY(constId, 'IsDefaultCnst') = 1 AND
    id = OBJECT_ID(@tableName) AND
    (@columnName = N'ALL' OR COL_NAME(id, colId) = @columnName)

PRINT @sqlCmd  --optional
EXEC (@sqlCmd)

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