Allowing Lotus Notes users to see Free/Busy for Exchange calendars

I hope your day is going well.  We are in the process of moving to Notes.  During our time of converson we still need to allow users to see other Free/Busy times.  Does anyone know how to accomplish this?  Thanks for all your help.

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Maybe using DAMO this would be possible.
This allows access to Microsoft Outlook.

Other than that, it would probably be quite difficult.

I hope this helps !
Hi taggedd,
Microsoft Exchange Server includes a Calendar Connector that can be used to perform freetime and busytime lookups between a Domino Server and the Exchange Server.

On the Domino Server, the ExCalCon task is loaded to enable this lookup.

Check here: << coexistance and migration, and also check exchange connector (especially if you are running a later version of exchange.

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