Windows 2000 SP4 Reinstalling

I have a laptop that is running Win2k SP2 and i installed SP4 awhile back and then uninstalled it because i was having problems but now i want to reinstall it again but when i go to try it starts and then just dissapears. In the Windows Update it says its allready installed but its not. I went to the control panel and nothing is in there either. How can i comepletey delete this so i can reinstall it again. I tried going into the registry also and about 5 seconds in there it just dissapears as well. This computer is logged in as Admin and is not joined to any domain yet. Thanks for any help
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Hi there,
Try installing Service Pack 3 first and then install Service pack 4 over it. That should work.
hope this helps!
hcl1Author Commented:
It gets to the same point as the SP4. where it says inspecting current configuration and then dissapears. The registry does the same thing. I open it up and 5 seconds later it dissapears. Wierd
Try running a registry fixer such as PC Tools Registry Mechanic, here's a link:

In case it's the profile that you are logged on as, you could also try creating a new user and giving that user admin rights. Then trying to reinstall the Service Pack while logged in as the new user.

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hcl1Author Commented:
I thought it might be the profile also and tried what you said but that didnt work either. I am going to try this Registry thing now.
Hi again HCL1, if the registry mechanic doesn't resolve your problem, then you will need to perform an In Place Upgrade (Repair) of the Operating System. It doesn't take too long and will probably save you time in the long run.

Here are some links from Microsoft in how to carry out the repair and also what exactly the repair does/doesn't do.

Hope this helps!

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hcl1Author Commented:
Ok here is what i did and still not working.

Put in Win2k Pro Disk

pushed R (Recovery)

Pushed R (Emergency Repair)

Pushed F (Fast Repair)

Pushed Enter (If i had the Emergency Repair Disk) which i thought was the Win2k Disk but i guess its not because i got an error. So i redid everything again and when i got back to this part i pushed L (If you do not have the Emergency Repair Disk)

Pushed Enter again (To repair this Win2k Install)

It went through its thing and took out a bunch of files that were not part of the orginal install then it rebooted

Still same thing happening. In windows update if i go to View installation history it says SP4 is already installed along with a bunch of other ones but if i scan for updates SP4 is part of the Critical updates along with 30 other ones and when i go to install it it goes for about 5 seconds and then disappears and then says that it was successfully installed.

Registry is still the same also. I go into it and 5 seconds later it dissapears. No error or anything.
Check your system for viruses or other malware.
hi again HCL1, I'm not sure if any of the info in this link will help or not - but it's worth a try.
A few more links for your perusal:

You could also try to uninstall each Windows Update file one by one, starting with the most recent and working your way through the list. Also, clear down any temporary internet files and cookies in case Windows Update is getting a little confused on whats on your system and whats not.

Failing all of this, a fresh install of Windows 2000 might be the only solution and it will probably save you hours of hardship in the long run.
hcl1Author Commented:
Well i got it to work. I think i choose the wrong repair options. This time i went into the part where it says if you want to set up windows so i choose yes then it asked if i wanted a fresh install or a repair. So i choose this repair option and it worked. I had to put in the Product key and everything again but it kept all my files.

Thanks for all the help on this.
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Windows 2000

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