Prioritize TCP/UDP Port 5060 Traffic on Cisco

Our office(s) look like this

LAN --> CAT3550 --> PIX --> Internet

We are looking at hosted VoIP phones and have been tasked with prioritizing port 5060 traffic.  How do I do this?
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What version PIX OS do you have?
Anything less than ver 7.x has zero capability to prioritize traffic
Regardless, once the traffic hits the Internet router, all prioritization is lost
RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
Agreed on all points; however, the Cat 3550 is a L3 switch and is capable of QoS.

I have never implemented it and am looking for a configuration example.
If you can live with QoS for only the internal subnets, as lrmoore mentioned above, the following URL should get you started.  If you need config specifics, lrmoore or others can help you:

  Configuring QoS (Catalyst 3550, using Enhanced image: IOS 12.1(12c)EA1):

Note that different models of Catalyst support different QoS features, so what works on one platform won't necessarily work on the 3550, or vice versa.

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Thanks, calvinetter..

I would suggest using the AutoQos features, or download Cisco Network Assistant and use it to configure QoS using SmartPorts.

Just a side note:
QoS only takes effect if and when there is contention on the network.
Assuming that you only have one C3550 switch I seriously doubt that the backplane of that switch is anywhere near even 10% of capacity.
The only place it could possibly have any affect is as it leaves the switch going to another network (like through the Internet to it's hosted home server). Even then, with a 100Mb connection between the switch and the pix, the output queues are never backed up to the extent that it is even possible to prioritize the voip traffic. Every single packet is handed off as fast as it can come in anyway, regardless of how that packet is prioritized. That's kind of like having a 10-lane super highway with 8 cars on it and saying "ok, all Volkswagens have priority on this highway". What good does that do?
I'm not trying to pull your chain or anything else. I'm just a firm believer of not doing anything to any configuration that is not absolutely necessary. I conform to the KISS theology. The simpler the configs and network, the easier it is to troubleshoot.


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RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
Agree -- however we are an architectural firm.  We move 100MB CAD files moment to moment and during these file accesses our VoIP is CRUSHED.

TAC just responded with a solution, assuming TAC works, I will be awarding the points to lrmoore because he is the page editor and I am an A**kisser...

(just kidding about the reason)
LOL RPPreacher!
Understand! If TAC provides you with a solution, will you post it here for posterity?

RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
TAC solution

class-map match-all voip
 match access-group name voip
policy-map voip
 class voip
  priority <bandwidth_Kbps>
 class class-default

interface S0/0
 service-policy output voip

ip access-list extended voip
 permit tcp any any eq 5060
 permit udp any any eq 5060
 permit tcp any eq 5060 any
 permit udp any eq 5060 any
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