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ISA 2004 Web Publishing Problem

Ok i have a website i want to publish through my ISA 2004 server. I have tried to publish my website many times and i cant not get it to work... GRRR

Ok for the background info:
ISA server outside address this address is static linked from a public address, Inside address
Web Server address is, website is on the standard port 80

I am fairly new with ISA so i am kinda at a wall.. I need to get this up asap so this question will be worth 500pts
I will also need to configure ISA to publish a mail server at the same address.

Thanks is advance!
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Keith AlabasterCommented:
1. Does your dns provider host an  MX record and A record for your website and mail server?
2. Does your external router/firewall forward port 80 and port 25 traffic to

jokeefe1130Author Commented:
I have registered the domain name with network solutions, and yes i have sucessfully registered www, ftp, smtp, and pop with correct IP address and the MX, A records do exists. My ISP provider has one Cisco PIX 515 box on there outbound connectiong to the public internet. i have been provided IP address on there internal network and one of those address is my ISA server and my protected network sits behind that. There is a static link from a public internet address to one of the address i have been assigned in my ISP's private network. If i leave my web/email server sitting outside my protected network on my ISPs network everything works fine, but i dont want to do this i want to bring everything behnd my ISA server to my protected network.
Keith AlabasterCommented:
OK. So the ISP is sending all web and mail traffic (destined for you) to the external ip on your ISA server. Excellent.

How are you publishing your rules?
you should have two published for incoming traffic but no packet filters. Web and mail traffic does not need filters as the wizards are already in place for this kind of access.
1. Publish the mail server for smtp giving the internal IP address (NOT THE SERVER NAME) of your mail server. Whilst you can put the name in, this will cause real problems.

2. Publish a web server, again selecting the IP address of the internal server, not the name. You will need to fill in the exact fqdn within the listener (www.yourdomain.com) and the path will be /*

Open the GUI, select monitoring - logging. Click on start query

What do you see in the logs when someone tries to send you mail or visit your web site??

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