How do I remove individual commands and buttons from the Outlook 2003 user interface.

I want to remove some commands and buttons from the toolbars (the BCC on /off toggle for example) in outlook 2003 on windows XP professional.
 I have found instructions to navigate to a registry key (disabledCmdBarItemsList) and even a reference list of the command IDs. The registry entries don't exist on my machine, however. I suspect this has something to do with this not being an Exchange server install? This matter is very urgent.

Thank you
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You can use System Policy to disable the button;en-us;309136&sd=tech

This is the settings to use if you want to remove Reply to All button

Greetings, apcdad !

Here is information on how to modify buttons on Outlook 2003 toolbar

The following customizations require that the Customize dialog box be open to activate the toolbar and menu customization functions. To open the Customize dialog box, point to Toolbars on the View menu, and then click Customize. A bold I-beam mouse pointer shows insertion positions on the toolbars and menus.

Best wishes!
apcdadAuthor Commented:

 Thank you for the link. I have tried the suggestions there to no avail.  I want the fields to actually be unavailabe. I have found several descriptions of how to achieve this by editing the following registry key:


but have been unable to find this key in my registry. Any ideas why?
apcdadAuthor Commented:

The use of system policy is exactly what I was looking for. It not only solves my problem, it explains much that I did not understand and opens  several doors for me.
Thanks in abundance!
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