install service without admin rights


i have a app that runs as a service and it wont run on a non-admin account

is it possible to install a service on a non-admin account

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of course. you install it using the user/password you wish. BUT, that user must be granted (at least) the logon as a service privilege.
from the command line:
or you can do it from the administrative tools (depends a little on your OS)
peter2001Author Commented:

is there anyway to run the program using some kind of TokenPrivilege

as i should imagine some of the people who use my program wont have the password to get the required rights so wont be able to run it

not a chanse. if that would be possible, than anybody would be able to grant themselves specific rights and run in a more priviledged environment: that would be a pretty big security issue, won't it?

there are 2 situations in real life:
1) software requires administrative privileges to install
2) the negation of the above
In the second case, if there is a service involved than the service will install itself by default under the local system account and will run under the local system privileges. However, if you need special registry access and alike, you will still have to get administrative support.

this is as designed and it is designed well :) If your program needs special things, than the people using it should be able to get administrative support to install it. adminstrators will in most cases support installation of software that is legitimate :)

of course, even though if installing the service requires administrative privileges, running it, does not (in most cases - depends what the service does/accesses).
peter2001Author Commented:

thanks for your reply

i see what your saying

the link from your first post has some good tips for doing what i need then

regards pete

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