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Can I have 3 access points in a large building using the same SSID and WEP key? They will have unique IP addresses. Also will a user be able to move to new location within the building without losing connectivity?
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Yes.  Furthermore you SHOULD keep the same SSID and WEP across all three.  This will make "moving" more seamless.  

Depending on your device/card, it may be configurable to "auto reconnect" when different AP's are in range.  The trick to this is setting the threshold low enough so that the card does not constantly switch back and forth in overlapping areas.  You DO want it to reconnect ot a stronger signal AP, but you do NOT want it to be completely indecisive and just spend the whole time flopping back and forth.

Hope this helps.
Depending on the APs used and the coverage by the device, yes and yes.

You may be able to add antennaes to increase your range.

What kind of APs are you using?
Very doable. But also, forget WEP, use WPA-PSK. While you're trying to have a nice large wireless network, you might as well make it a large secure one. :-)
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

IF you want to increase your wireless network performance then
1.You might be better off moving your wireless router to the center of the building.  Why not experiment by moving the router to different locations and seeing how strong of a signal you get at each computer (you don't need to have the router connected to the internet to do this).

2.If nothing else works, you could get a wireless repeater to increase your coverage.  You may have to shop around to see what works with the your wireless router (most repeaters only work with a limited number of other routers and/or access points from the same manufacturer)

3.Antenna position to the horizontal this will help in multi buildigs network rather than vertical.

4.You might improve signal strength for free with some reflectors. http://www.freeantennas.com  EZ-10 is very simple, the others are better but a little harder.

Also, if the APs signals are overlapping, please make sure to use different channels.  For instance; 1, 6 and 11.  This will make sure that your APs don't interfere with each other and provide optimum performance.

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