Active Directory DNS Issues w/Windows 2000 DHCP

We are experieincing an issue where some clients (all workstations are XP SP2) are not registering forward lookups or A records into the Active Directory DNS' on our Windows 2003 network.  Interestingly enough, some of these clients have actually registered reverse lookup entries.  When I look the leases on the DHCP, I see the systems registered.  No one has complained yet, but it has me concerned that there may be a larger issue going on.  I've adjusted my DNS aging settings and DHCP DNS update settings, but nothing seems to work to alleviate this issue.

My DHCP servers are running Windows 2000 Server w/SP4 and are set to update the AD DNS per the client's request.  The leases are set for 7 days.  My AD zones on the AD DNS' are set for secure dynamic updates only and the aging is set for 1 day on both the no reresh interval and refresh intervals.
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Your scavenging does not need to be less than the lease duration.

Make the Scavenging like so:

No refresh - 1 day (this is the time the record is not allowed to change)
Refresh - 7 days.

Scavenging on the server properties itself should be 7 days also.

jmoney68Author Commented:
Thanks for the response.  I will try these settings and see what I get.  By chance would you know of any anomalies with 2000 DHCP working in a 2003 AD?  I was wondering if that might be part of the issue.
No there shouldn't be any issues.

jmoney68Author Commented:
The problem seems to be getting better, as I'm seeing fewer issues and errors than I've been seeing over the last few weeks.  I'll check back in by week's end and let you know if we are good to go.

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